Àncora, Portugal

I was delighted to find this beautiful quiet port in the extreme north of Portugal about 15k from the frontier of the wide River Miño.  The sea there is wild and cold, but exciting!  However it requires deep respect.  I once swam somewhere nearby on a beach where I noticed a step in the sand. The sea was turbulent but decided to go in.  I was actually pulled in.  What followed was a near death experience as I battled to keep calm and yet fight my way back to shore.

You can imagine that when I saw the tide during the night had gouged a step of sand level with my shoulder!  I wanted to swim and it seemed the sea had got the aggression out of its system.  I asked the lifeguards and they said “No problem, just keep where you can stand up…”  A rule I have adopted from the north coast of Spain.  Whilst in the water and quite a few yards to my left, a group of teenagers got in and swam out.  I was so concerned I shouted at the top of my voice but it went unheard with the roar of surf.  However, the surf guards then noticed and ran along the beach and straight in, one with a float one with a surfboard.  Other surfers read the situation and paddled across to tow the group of 5 back to safety.

Portugal and the Portuguese are both beautiful.


Àncora Portugal