Mimi – Haute Loire… Happy Christmas All

As we walked higher the comfortable country started to change with the appearance of fine snowflakes, which fell onto small patches of snow that had settled on the path.  The Haute Loire has a beautiful solitude higher up evidenced by the virgin snow always stretching ahead of us.  The weather became a real feature the following day waking up to a fresh 40cm of snow which fell silently through the night.

There was a long discussions with local people and between ourselves to the question ‘Was it irresponsible to continue?’  The risk assessment conclusion was a decision to take small roads, the path and the way markers behind now hidden.  I always find when things are a bit ‘edgy they make for the most memorable occasions.  This proved to be the case as we hoofed our way through the silent high roads.  It was beautiful and the combination of physical effort required and the question whether we would make it made it incredibly rewarding.

I took a photo of Mimi which triggered the emotion of the journey which in turn compelled me to try to capture that moment in watercolour.  Happy with the result initially, but did feel it needed a little Christmas cheer, so I added the hat and scarf towards our Christmas card. 

We wish you all the love and joy Jesus holds for each one of you.

God Bless you.

Mimi - Haute Loire