After The Storm

After The Storm

I painted this watercolour in February at Santiago airport while I waited for my flight.  I know most people pull out their laptops and use those high seats and narrow table top.  But the one in Santiago is positioned in front of a solid glass wall overlooking the runway and the light’s good.  I have no idea where the title came from and can only think that’s what I felt when I had finished this explosive piece.

As it transpires we are definitely in a storm, all of us and, as such, it conveys a sense of hope.

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  1. We were there at your gallery in September 2019.
    We did not purchase an original then. We will return ( if the Lord) is willing and we are in our new normal. Then I’ll need to purchase an original .
    Upon reflection I think of the book of James
    Why, you don’t even know what will happen tomorrow . For what is our lives? We are but a mist which appears a little while then vanishes.
    James 4:14

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