Moroni – The Comores

Most people reading this will more than likely have an element of comfort in their lives. Many will live in relative luxury. I’m guessing, because I don’t know my audience. What I do know is what I have witnessed here in Moroni, the Capital of The Grande Comores.

Many people live in tin shacks, which are constructed straight to the soil. Although rain has been plentiful since I have been here, most people can be seen carrying their water on their heads. And I can only imagine what it must be like inside these habitations when the rain hammers down. It’s such credit to them that so many times I have seen the occupants emerge from their homes immaculate.

What’s my point?

Just that haven’t things gone too far when you read the trite comments on hotel, B and B websites after guests have spent just one night. It’s been such a rich experience here although sometimes shocking, it has given me illumination on altering my attitude towards gratitude.