Isandra, Comores

Drawing on brown paper (supplies running out!)

I hope my writing spreads more joy! The joy I felt today (again!)

The tide was high so it needed quite a long swim out from the sandy beach, then across the coral reef to the other side, which returns to a sandy bottom probably around 12-15 metres. You can see everything!

I was aware of something coming into my peripheral vision and it was a beautiful turtle slowly gliding through the clear water below without any form of worry. I followed him for a while on the surface just overjoyed. I then dived, swimming alongside looking at him/her. I managed to stroke its back, gently, without it being concerned!

At the same moment a large diamond shape ‘flew‘ across underneath me. A beautiful large stingray. I was able to go down and get fairly close (at a safe distance) and see like a box in front of his mouth. It didn’t look the same as the ones I saw in Australia with two curved scoops in front.

On the way back I came into a massive shoal of sardine like fish. It was like a black wall. I went through them, slowly, fascinated that, at some stages, it was all I could see in any direction.

What a day!

I realise… I’m having the time of my life!

Big love in Jesus.